Saigon Workers Resort

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Saigon Workers Resort is a shared living space for English teachers in Ho Chi Minh City. Neil and the housemates can find you work and give you all the information you need to survive in the city. It is simply the best place to get your bearings and establish yourself as an English teacher in Vietnam. We support each other every day by sharing our experiences, resources, and teaching ideas. We always welcome new housemates looking for teaching work, with or without experience. As long as you’ve got a positive attitude you’ll find all the help and contacts you need to get a job and a life quickly.


Saigon Workers Resort is not a hostel or a hotel, it’s more like a big, semi-serviced, sharehouse. Everyone who spends a few months here becomes part of the family.
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Visas are often confusing for people considering teaching English in Vietnam. Basically there are two types that you need to know about.
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Neil moved to Saigon in 2007 to realize his dream of The Saigon Workers Resort. He can answer any questions you have about the house.
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